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How to Do CapCut Green Screen? -Explore 2 Methods [2023]

How do you use the CapCut green screen feature? CapCut is a popular video editing app that allows you to incorporate green screen effects into your videos. It gives you the ability to replace the green background with any image or video of your choice. To utilize this feature, follow the steps that are given below. Follow these two methods to do the CapCut green screen.

How to Do CapCut Green Screen?

There are two methods to do the CapCut green screen described below.

How to Do CapCut Green Screen?

Method 1: How to Use Green Screen on CapCut with Chroma Key?

Make sure the green screen overlay is already in your gallery before using this technique to use a green screen in CapCut. If you don’t have one, you can obtain free green-screen videos from websites like Pixabay and Pexels. As an alternative, you can record a green screen video using a screen recorder.

Step 1. Upload your background clips to CapCut

  • Open CapCut and tap on “New project.”
  • Choose a video as the background, or select multiple video clips as your background.
  • Then, tap on “Add” to import them.

Step 2. Add the green screen video as an overlay

  • Click on “Overlay” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Add overlay.”
  • Decide which green screen video to use as the background.

Step 3. Choose the colour you want to get rid of

  • Tap the movie with the green screen, then use the tools at the bottom.
  • Locate and hit the “Chroma key” button.
  • When the colour picker appears, you can choose the green colour or any other colors you want to get rid of.

Step 4. Eliminate the chosen color

  • Select “Intensity” from the menu.
  • The bottom will reveal a slider.
  • Move the slider up and down until the chosen color vanishes.
  • You can change the “Shadow” setting to lighten or darken the shadows if the illumination of the subject and background are different.

Step 5. Export the video

  • Once you are satisfied with the outcome, tap on the checkmark at the bottom right corner of your screen to apply the effects.
  • Then, export the video using your usual export settings.

Note: If you don’t tap on the video clip, you will only see a format menu at the bottom. To edit a video clip, make sure to tap the video clip first to activate the edit menu.

Method 2: How to Use Green Screen on CapCut with Background Remover?

To automatically remove the green screen background from your film, CapCut also provides a background removal tool in addition to the Chroma Key. Here is a detailed instruction:

Step 1. Add your backdrop clips to CapCut

  • Start CapCut, pick “New project,” and then choose the video clips you wish to utilize as your background.
  • Press “Add” to add them.

Step 2. Select the green-screen movie you want to use as an overlay 

  • Choose “Overlay” and then click “Add overlay.”
  • Select the desired green screen video and then touch “Add.”

Step 3 . Apply the “Remove background” effect.

  • Click the added green screen video.
  • Locate the “Chroma key” button by scrolling through the tools at the bottom.
  • Tap it to bring up the colour picker. It Allows you to select the green colour or any other colors you want to remove.

Step 4. Make other edits and export the video

  • After finishing your edits, export the video according to your preferred settings.

About CapCut Logo Green

The bright green CapCut logo isn’t just a symbol. It’s an invitation to explore creative video editing. This logo represents CapCut, a platform that lets you turn everyday moments into amazing stories. The green logo encourages content creators to discover the endless possibilities of visual storytelling.

It’s a symbol of the app’s easy-to-use design, a sign of innovation, and a promise of limitless editing options. When you see the vibrant green CapCut logo, you know you’re going on a journey where your creativity has no boundaries. Your videos will come to life with a touch of magic. 


How can I find more resources for CapCut edits?

You can join the CapCut community and find more resources, tutorials, and inspiration on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Many users and creators share their CapCut edits and tips on these platforms.

Is the CapCut logo copyrighted?

The CapCut logo is likely copyrighted or trademarked by the company behind the app. It is important to respect intellectual property rights when using the logo in any form. You should seek permission or follow the app’s guidelines if you plan to use it for any commercial or promotional purposes.

Final Words

CapCut offers an accessible means for you to harness the magic of CapCut green screen effects. Whether utilizing Chroma Key or the background remover tool, you can easily enjoy this feature. Aspiring editors and seasoned creators alike can find inspiration within the CapCut community, making the journey of video editing an exciting and limitless one.

The CapCut logo is adorned in its vibrant shade of green. It serves as an inviting gateway to the world of creative video editing. With the logo’s dynamic green hue acting as a beacon of creativity, it beckons content creators to explore endless possibilities in the world of visual storytelling. 

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