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CapCut Pro APK V8.7.0. | Download [Latest Updated] 2023

Are you ready to take your video editing skills to the next level? With its premium and unlocked version, CapCut Pro APK grants you the power to turn your creative visions into reality. 

From adjusting clip durations to adding captivating effects and text overlays, this app offers an array of tools that cater to both beginners and seasoned editors. Seamlessly combine images, videos, and audio to craft compelling stories that resonate with your audience. 

Whether you’re a social media influencer, a vlogger, or simply someone who loves sharing moments, CapCut Pro APK is your gateway to an immersive world of boundless editing possibilities. Dare to imagine, dare to create download CapCut Pro APK now, and go on a journey of unparalleled video editing excellence.

What is CapCut Pro APK?

CapCut Pro APK is the premium version of the CapCut video editing app. It provides users with additional features and functionalities not available in the free version. Being a premium version, this app does not include watermarks, and you can decide whether to include the CapCut ending.

Additional Information

Name CapCut Pro Apk 
Developer Bytedance.pte. Ltd
Version V8.7.0
RequirementsAndroid 5.0
Mod FeaturePremium Unlocked

Features Of CapCut Pro APK 

Undoubtedly, CapCut Pro is a highly efficient application that saves you valuable time. Many creators are actively producing trending CapCut templates that can add a unique touch to your videos.

Features of CapCut Pro Mod Apk Latest Version V8.7.0

1. Speech to Text

In the latest version of CapCut, users can take advantage of the powerful Speech Text feature. This innovative capability utilizes advanced speech recognition algorithms to automatically transcribe spoken words into text. 

With support for various languages, CapCut ensures high accuracy in capturing spoken content. This feature significantly enhances editing efficiency, allowing users to add captions to their videos with minimal effort quickly.

2. Text to Speech

CapCut’s Text to Speech feature has significantly improved in the latest update. Users can now convert written text into natural-sounding speech with a simple click. CapCut offers an extensive selection of 11 voices, each with unique characteristics, ensuring that users can find the perfect match for their video’s tone and style.

3. Background Removal

The background removal feature in CapCut has been revolutionized, enabling users to accurately isolate the subject in portrait videos. This advanced technology leverages artificial intelligence to precisely detect and remove the original background, providing a clean and professional look. 

Users can replace the background with an uploaded picture, allowing creative customization. Additionally, the feature allows users to change the background color, adding visual impact and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the video.

4. Resize Video

CapCut’s latest version introduces the ability to resize videos effortlessly. Users can now adjust the aspect ratio of their videos to suit different platforms or creative preferences. Whether adapting to a square format for social media or optimizing for a widescreen display, CapCut empowers users to tailor their videos accordingly. 

Furthermore, users can add vibrant color effects, overlay images, or apply blur effects to the video backdrop, elevating the visual quality and bringing out the desired atmosphere in their content. 

Soon, CapCut will introduce an auto reframe feature, automatically adjusting the video composition to fit various aspect ratios, saving users even more time and effort in editing.

5. Automatic Caption Generation

CapCut Pro simplifies the process of adding captions to your videos by automatically generating them within seconds. This feature saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of video production.

6. Text-to-Speech Conversion

CapCut Pro can transform written text into natural-sounding speech. This feature adds a dynamic element to your videos, making conveying your message and engaging your audience easier.

7. Cloud Space Storage

CapCut Pro provides a secure Cloud Space to store your video files. This convenient storage solution ensures your data is safe and accessible from anywhere, allowing you to work seamlessly across multiple devices.

8. Real-time Video Preview

CapCut Pro offers a real-time preview feature, enabling you to see the changes you make to your video as you make them. This instant feedback allows for more precise editing decisions and a smoother workflow.

9. Multiple-Layer Support

Enhance the visual appeal of your videos with CapCut Pro’s multiple-layer support. You can overlay text, music, and special effects onto your videos, giving them a professional and polished look.

10. Watermark-Free Editing

Upgrade to the Premium Version of CapCut Pro to enjoy watermark-free editing. This means your final videos won’t have logos or branding elements, giving them a clean and professional appearance.

11. Instant Video Background Removal

CapCut Pro’s background removal feature allows you to instantly and precisely eliminate unwanted backgrounds from your videos. This tool is particularly useful when focusing on a specific subject or creating a more visually appealing composition.

12. Faster File Access 

Experience improved efficiency with CapCut Pro’s faster access. The app ensures you can quickly locate and retrieve your video files, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

13. Encrypted Data Transmission

CapCut Pro prioritizes the security and privacy of your video files. By encrypting data transmission, the app prevents unauthorized access and safeguards your personal information.

14. Wide Video Format Support

CapCut Pro supports a wide range of video formats, this flexibility allows you to work with videos from various sources seamlessly.

15. Advanced Editing Tools

Unlock your creative potential with CapCut Pro’s advanced editing tools. These features give you precise control over video editing, from trimming and cutting clips to merging and applying effects.

16. Social Platform Optimization

CapCut Pro simplifies the process of adapting your videos for different social media platforms. With just a single click, you can resize your videos to match the specifications of various platforms, ensuring optimal viewing experiences for your audience’s

17. Zoom Effect 

The zoom effect is commonly utilized to enlarge the video screen, bringing the viewer closer to an object and enhancing its visibility. 

It finds extensive usage in documentaries, news programs, and other non fiction content requiring a detailed view of a subject. The advantages of the zoom effect in CapCut include the following:

18. Improved Image Clarity

The zoom effect can enhance the clarity of videos, particularly those recorded in low light conditions or from a considerable distance. By zooming in, details that might otherwise be difficult to discern become more visible.

19. Object or Person Isolation

Zooming can isolate a specific object or person within the frame, drawing the viewer’s attention to the scene’s focal point. This can be particularly useful when multiple elements are in the shot, allowing for a better focus on the desired subject.

To create a 3D zoom effect in CapCut, follow these steps:

  • Open CapCut and import your chosen video clip onto the timeline. 
  • Next, navigate to the “Effects” tab located at the bottom of the screen and opt for the “3D Zoom” feature from the selections provided. 
  • Adjust the effect’s start and end points by dragging the markers on the timeline. 
  • To further enhance the effect, utilize the provided sliders to tweak the scale and rotation according to your preferences.
  • For smoother transitions, you can add keyframes by tapping on the timeline where you want them and adjusting the settings for each keyframe individually.
  • Preview the effect by tapping the play button to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • If you wish to apply the same effect to other parts of the video, copy and paste it by tapping and holding on the effect, selecting “Copy,” then navigating to the desired location and selecting “Paste.”
  • Once you are content with the final outcome, select the “Export” option at the interface’s upper-right corner to preserve your video. Subsequently, you can customize the export preferences according to your requirements.

It’s important to note that these instructions are specific to CapCut and may not directly apply to other video editing software. Always refer to your application’s user guide or documentation for accurate instructions.

How to Install CapCut Pro APK?

Here are the steps to install CapCut Pro APK on your Android device:

  • Open your device’s “Settings” and tap on “Security” or “Privacy.”
  • Locate the “Unknown sources” option and enable it to allow installations from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Download the CapCut Pro APK file from the link “CapCut Pro APK.”
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to your device’s file manager or downloads folder to find the APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process. A prompt may appear, asking for confirmation. Select “Install” to proceed.
  • Depending on your device’s settings, you might need to grant specific permissions to the app. Review these permissions carefully and tap “Accept” or “Allow” to continue.
  • The installation progress will be shown on your screen. Once completed, an “Open” button will appear. Tap it to launch CapCut Pro.

You have now successfully installed CapCut Pro APK on your Android device. Enjoy using the app for video editing.

Glitch Vs CapCut Pro APK

Glitch Video Editor is also a versatile and user-friendly application that provides a seamless video editing experience. It offers a wide range of editing tools and features that allow users to modify and transform their videos effortlessly. 

With its comprehensive capabilities, Glitch Video Editor stands out as a remarkable application that caters to our editing needs while also fostering our creative expression. It provides a platform for us to craft captivating videos that align with our passions and interests. 

On the other hand, CapCut Pro APK offers an exceptional video editing experience with its extensive range of features and functionalities. From automatic caption generation and text-to-speech conversion to secure cloud storage and real-time video preview, CapCut Pro APK empowers users to create professional-looking videos easily. 


CapCut Pro APK is an upgraded app that might need to be purchased or subscribed to enjoy all its features.

Using the official and trusted sources to download the CapCut Pro APK is usually safe. But be careful if you get the APK from unofficial places, as it might harm your device. To keep your device and data secure, stick to well-known sources for downloading apps.

CapCut Pro APK generally offers more features and fewer limitations than the free version. However, certain advanced features or effects may require additional purchases or subscriptions.

Final Verdict

The app’s multi-layer support allows for adding music, text, and special effects, enhancing the visual appeal of the content. With watermark-free editing, instant background removal, and improved file access, CapCut Pro ensures a seamless and efficient editing workflow. 

The app also prioritizes security through encrypted data transmission and offers wide video format support, accommodating various sources. While it’s important to download CapCut Pro APK from trusted sources, the app provides a comprehensive solution for video editing enthusiasts, delivering a high-quality editing experience.

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