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How to Combine Videos On CapCut?

Are you in search of a top-notch online video editor to combine videos? CapCut provides an exceptional video merging feature to easily combine your clips, along with a lot of entertaining effects and innovative tools to spark your creativity. 

CapCut stands as a versatile online video merger designed to simplify the process of merging videos for both beginners and professionals. With support for various video formats and cross-platform accessibility, it empowers users to create captivating video content without the need for expensive, resource-intensive software.

Whether you’re looking to weave a compelling narrative through multiple angles or transform short clips into an epic tale, CapCut’s online video merger can help you achieve your video editing goals with ease. Explore its features and elevate your video content to new heights.

Merging Videos on Capcut Online – A Step by Step Guide

Here is the complete guide to merging videos online in CapCut.

Step 1: Upload Video Clips

Begin the video merging process by uploading your desired video clips. You can achieve this by selecting the “Upload” button or, for added convenience, directly dragging and dropping the clips into the designated area. These clips can be sourced from your local computer or cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or other similar platforms.

Step 2: Combine Videos Online

After your video clips have been uploaded, you can trim, edit, and choose the specific segments you wish to merge. If you’re using an online video editing application, you can place these clips side by side on the editing timeline. On a Windows computer, you can select the two clips on the timeline and choose the ‘create compound clip’ option from the right-click menu.

Step 3: Export & Share

Once you have successfully merged your video, you have the option to either upload it directly to your preferred social media channels or export it to your local device for later use. This flexibility allows you to easily share your merged video online or keep it stored on your device for future purposes.

Features of Versatile Video Merger

Here are the features of video merger.

1. Effortless Video Merging for Professional Results

CapCut takes pride in offering a user-friendly video editing interface that makes merging videos a breeze, ensuring professional outcomes. With no steep learning curve, you can get started on your creative projects without delay. Whether you’re on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, our free online video merger is accessible across platforms, allowing you to work conveniently on the go.

2. Diverse Templates for Enhanced Audience Engagement

Consistent social media content posting is vital for keeping your audience engaged. CapCut not only simplifies the process of merging videos for free but also provides a diverse selection of pre-designed templates suitable for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. These templates save you time and assist in curating content tailored to your specific social media needs.

3. Smart Video Editing Tools for Compelling Storytelling

Merging videos can sometimes lead to less-than-desirable results. CapCut addresses this challenge by offering a range of intelligent video editing tools. These tools include seamless transitions, seamless audio integrations, captivating effects, dynamic filters, and versatile aspect ratio adjustments, among others. Moreover, CapCut enables you to optimize the output quality and resolution and add subtitles, ensuring your content is of the highest standard.

Benefits of Online Video Merger

1. Effortless Video Merging

CapCut’s online video editing software simplifies the process of merging two videos into just three easy steps. This user-friendly experience enables users, from beginners to professionals, to seamlessly merge videos without any hassles.

2. Versatile Format Support

CapCut excels in accommodating video files in different formats. Its compatibility with all major video formats ensures that you have a one-stop solution for merging videos of varying types, providing comprehensive support in one platform.

3. Convenient Online Video Merging

CapCut allows you to merge videos online, on the go, without the need to install expensive, cumbersome software. Best of all, this service is offered for free, empowering you to bring your dream projects to life.

4. Seamless Editing Experience

CapCut offers a smooth and intuitive editing experience, allowing you to merge videos effortlessly. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, CapCut’s user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free video merging process.

5. Cross-Platform Compatibility

With CapCut, you can seamlessly merge videos, regardless of the device or operating system you’re using. Whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, this online video editor ensures that you can create your videos from anywhere.

6. No Installation Required

Forget about the need to install large, resource-hungry software on your computer. CapCut eliminates the hassle of software installation, making it possible to merge your videos online with just an internet connection.

7. Customizable Video Projects

CapCut extends beyond basic video merging, providing a diverse array of editing features for tailoring your video projects. It enables users to incorporate music, text, transitions, and effects, facilitating the creation of distinctive and captivating videos aligned with their creative vision.

8. Save Time and Money   

CapCut not only saves you time with its straightforward video merging process but also saves you money by providing these features for free. You don’t need to make substantial investments in costly software or hardware to produce impressive video projects.

9. Share Your Creations Instantly

After your video is seamlessly edited and polished within CapCut, you have the convenience of directly sharing your creations from the platform. This allows you to easily distribute your work on social media, with your friends, or with your intended audience without any additional complications.

10. Online Collaboration Made Easy

Collaborate with colleagues or friends on video projects without the need for everyone to download and install software. CapCut’s online merging capabilities facilitate seamless teamwork. These additions should provide a more comprehensive and engaging description of CapCut’s features.

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Where Do You Need Video Merger?

1. Creative Angles

To weave a gripping narrative through a montage, consider the power of multiple angles. Capture an event from various simultaneous vantage points and blend these diverse perspectives to immerse your audience in a dynamic and compelling storytelling experience.

2. Add Length

When confronted with a collection of short clips that lack individual impact, unlock their potential by merging them into a seamless narrative using the CapCut online video merger app. The result? A captivating story that engages your viewers.

3. Creating a Captivating Montage

Aspire to craft a gripping narrative through the art of montage. The fusion of multiple short clips can be your ticket to fashioning an enthralling thriller that seizes the imagination of your audience.


Is Capcut a Free Online Video Merger?

Yes, CapCut is a free online video editor that offers video merging and a wide range of editing features at no cost.

What Devices Are Compatible With Capcut?

CapCut is accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, making it versatile and suitable for various platforms.

Can I Merge Videos in Different Formats Using Capcut?

Yes, CapCut supports various video formats, ensuring you can merge videos of different types without compatibility issues.


CapCut emerges as a powerful, free, and versatile online video merger, offering a seamless experience for users of all levels of expertise. Its compatibility across multiple platforms, support for various video formats, and intuitive interface make video merging a hassle-free process. 

CapCut doesn’t stop at mere merging; it enables you to infuse creativity into your projects with a range of editing tools and customizable features. Explore the possibilities, create, and share your unique visual stories with the world using CapCut.

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