Capcut VS Alight Motion

Which is Better, CapCut or Alight Motion – Capcut VS Alight Motion

The choice between Alight Motion and CapCut can be quite intriguing. If you’re just starting and want a user-friendly platform with a wide array of visual effects and easy-to-grasp keyframe animation, CapCut might be the perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re on a quest for professional-grade editing, advanced vector graphics, and versatile export options, Alight Motion could be your creative canvas. 

Your choice ultimately depends on your editing aspirations and level of expertise. Whether you’re aiming for an editing experience or to push the boundaries of your creativity, both Alight Motion and CapCut have something unique to offer, ensuring an engaging journey in the world of video editing.

Alight Motion vs CapCut

Capcut Vs Alight Motion

Visual Effects

Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers a comprehensive range of visual effects. It provides users with a diverse selection of typefaces, transitions, QR codes, and foundational modules that can be tailored to individual preferences. 

The color correction feature simplifies the process of making aesthetic adjustments to videos or images, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Additionally, Alight Motion allows users to effortlessly elevate the quality of their social media videos, providing a quick and efficient means to achieve striking results.


CapCut is a versatile platform known for its rich array of transitions and visual effects. It encompasses a wide variety of options, including dreamy effects, retro comic effects, split-screen capabilities, and more. These features contribute to a polished and professional appearance for videos. 

CapCut goes beyond mere effects, enabling users to add visual enhancements to images and seamlessly merge multiple images into a cohesive presentation. As a result, the quality of the content is significantly improved as users incorporate additional shots and compile them into a cohesive video.

Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion

Alight Motion excels in keyframe animation, which is a crucial aspect of content creation encompassing animations, motion graphics, effects, and film production. Keyframe animation in Alight Motion is accessible regardless of the user’s current settings, allowing for the effortless addition of keyframes to photos and videos. This functionality is not only powerful but also enjoyable, enabling users to craft entertaining and engaging animations with ease.


Similar to Alight Motion, CapCut offers robust keyframe animation capabilities across all settings. Furthermore, CapCut allows for the addition of multiple frames, stickers, or text elements to enhance the creative potential of the content. Keyframe animation in CapCut facilitates the smooth movement of graphics from one position to another, making it an essential tool for any video editor seeking to produce high-quality content.

Vector Graphics

Alight Motion

Alight Motion distinguishes itself with its exceptional vector graphics capabilities. It enables users to create motion graphics videos using graphic vectors. The creative potential with vectors is vast, and Alight Motion simplifies the process of crafting visually compelling videos through the use of this tool. Importantly, it offers intuitive tools for altering vector artwork, making it accessible even on mobile devices.


CapCut, while lacking a dedicated vector graphics mode, compensates with a selection of practical filters that can be applied to videos and images. These filters allow for the sharpening or blurring of content, contributing to the enhancement of visual elements. CapCut’s filter options are quick and easy to apply based on criteria such as color or season, making it a valuable tool for creative content enhancement.

Export Formats

Alight Motion

Alight Motion stands out with its flexible export options, enabling users to export their creations in multiple formats, including MP4, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and XML. This versatility allows content creators to tailor their output to specific requirements. Whether users wish to share their final projects or still images from within a video, Alight Motion provides the means to do so easily. 


CapCut offers users the ability to customize their export settings, including resolution and frame rate. This feature enables users to gain insights into the resulting file size, allowing for precise control over the output. With maximum export settings supporting resolutions up to 4K at 60fps, CapCut ensures that videos are ready for export and sharing at the highest quality. 

Additionally, the option to toggle HDR settings is available for iOS users, enhancing the viewing experience. However, Android users require assistance to toggle HDR settings. However, iOS and Android users can enjoy a consistent and versatile video editing experience, making it easy to edit and share content on platforms like TikTok and other video-sharing services.

Font Style

Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers an extensive library of more than three thousand typefaces to elevate your video projects. Whether it’s video or still images, you can superimpose text in a myriad of styles and sizes. The standout feature is the ease with which any font can be customized, allowing for the creation of distinctive and professional visuals. Your audience will be captivated, and your videos will exude polish and professionalism.


Caput provides an array of trendy typefaces and text styles. It makes it an excellent choice for video captions. It streamlines your creative process by offering pre-designed fonts tailored for video production. Notably, Capcut enables you to seamlessly integrate your preferred subtitle typeface into your videos, ensuring a visually appealing outcome.

When evaluating Kinemaster and Alight Motion, both platforms provide a wide array of fonts, such as Typer, Modren, Amatic SC, Nunito, Bahiana, and various others. These fonts play a pivotal role in elevating the quality and effectiveness of your videos. Choosing the most suitable font can have a substantial impact on the visual attractiveness of your content.

Multiple Layer Graphics

Alight Motion

It offers a wide array of professional graphics that can be incorporated into your videos across multiple layers. You can effortlessly adjust the video tone to match any image you introduce, and a customizable block effect adds a unique touch to your projects. With access to an extensive library of bitmaps and vectors, you can transform your smartphone into a video editing powerhouse.


CapCut provides users with the ability to craft videos using multiple layers, much like working with images. Its comprehensive editing features encompass automatic captioning, background effects, and fine-tuned adjustments. This feature streamlines the procedure of enriching your videos by incorporating a range of graphical overlays, providing your projects with a refined and professional appearance.

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Is Alight Motion or CapCut better for beginners?

Both Alight Motion and CapCut provide user-friendly interfaces catering to beginners. Individual preferences and the unique requirements for video editing can influence the decision between them.

Can I use Alight Motion or CapCut on every device?

Both Alight Motion and CapCut are accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, making them available to a diverse user base.

Which application provides more export format options?

Alight Motion offers a wider range of export formats, including MP4, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and XML, allowing for greater flexibility in sharing content.


In the comparison between Alight Motion and CapCut, both video editing applications have their strengths and cater to different editing needs. Alight Motion stands out for its extensive range of visual effects, comprehensive keyframe animation tools, and exceptional vector graphics capabilities. It also offers a wide variety of export formats, making it an excellent choice for advanced users and those who require precise control over their projects.

On the other hand, CapCut impresses with its diverse selection of transitions and visual effects, making it suitable for users looking to add creative elements to their content. The presence of keyframe animation in both applications ensures that users can easily enhance their videos and images with animations and text.

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